Health & Safety

The Race, Health and Safety

The race will begin at 11am prompt.  The start area in Crinan is narrow so we ask that slower runners and walkers stay near the back to ease congestion.  Runners will head along the canal keeping it to their right at all times.  
The course is mostly flat and there will be two water stations offering water along the route. 
Runners must not wear headphones during the race.  This is to enable them to hear traffic, other runners and directions from marshals especially where the course crosses roads that will be open to traffic.  There is a section of the course that run on a minor public road through Cairnbaan.  Being able to hear traffic, other runners and other canal users is vital to the safety of runners, road users and general towpath users.  We therefore hope that you understand the no headphones rule.  Bone conducting headphones will be allowed. 
All runners must obey instructions from race marshals, in particular at road crossing points. The roads will be open to traffic and vehicles have the right of way.  Please ensure you give way to traffic and be aware that our marshals do not have the right to stop traffic.  It is the runner’s responsibility to cross the road safely.
The canal bank will be open to other users including walkers, cyclists and horse riders.  Please be vigilant for other users and take appropriate care when passing.
If during the race you need to drop out please find the nearest marshal and let them know that you are withdrawing and let them take note of your race number.
If you require medical assistance during the race please let the nearest marshal know.
 There are a small number of bollards along the towpath, please take care when passing them or other street/towpath furniture.  The race surface is tarmac with a fine grit top layer.  It is generally good but please be prepared for rough or uneven ground in places, please take care along the route.
The canal towpath is generally wide enough to allow 2 or 3 runners to run side by side. When overtaking fellow runners please do so in a considerate manner.  Do consider calling out if you think that a runner or group of runners has not heard you approaching.  Try to avoid sudden changes in direction such as veering across the towpath as you may cut across runners approaching from behind.  Please be observant and respectful of other runners around you.
First and foremost, this is a friendly event.  If you happen upon another runner who requires medical assistance, please stop and help them to the nearest marshal if safe to do so, or wait with them until a race marshal arrives.

As this race takes place near open water it is important that you are aware of the bacterial infection Leptospirosis.  The following information is summarised from the NHS website, you can find out more at
Leptospirosis is a zoonotic condition, which means it is spread to humans by animals.  You can catch leptospirosis by touching soil or water contaminated with the urine of wild animals infected with the leptospira bacteria.  Severe Leptospirosis can be fatal.  If you develop flu-like symptoms, such as headache, chills and muscle pain any time up to a month after the race then you should see a doctor and inform them that you have taken part in an event near a canal.
In England and Wales the rates of leptospirosis are very low, so there is no reason why you should not participate in freshwater recreational activities, such as swimming, sailing, water skiing or windsurfing.  In Scotland, fewer than ten cases are reported annually. 
However, if you are regularly involved in freshwater activities, it is a sensible precaution to cover any cuts and grazes that you have with a waterproof dressing because there are other waterborne infections that you can catch, such as hepatitis A (a viral infection) or giardiasis (an infection caused by parasites).  You should also shower or bathe after freshwater activities.